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Acoustic Insulation


Polyester Solutions Acoustic products are designed to provide excellent acoustic control for a broad range of applications. Noise reductions are becoming a significant environmental issue, we at Polyester Solutions have Acoustic products that will reduce unwanted noise for a peaceful and quiet environment for all to enjoy. 

Wallblock batts are designed as a high performance acoustic insulation. Wallblock insulation is for use in timber or steel stud frames. Wallblock insulation is used in internal and external walls in homes, multi residential developments, hotels and commercial buildings. 
Polyester Solutions Sound Batts (PSB) are lightweight products manufactured from thermally bonded polyester fibre, with a high percentage of recycled fibres. PSB is a non-toxic and user friendly insulation, requiring no specific protective clothing. PSB will not corrode or crumble over time. Polyester Solutions Sound Batts (PSB) are ideal for use in walls and partitions, where they provide excellent acoustic performance and reduce the noise transfer between rooms.
Polyester Solutions Ceiling baffle is a non-irritant acoustic insulation material designed to be layer stacked above partition walls to significantly reduce sound transmission through the ceiling plenum space. Polyester Solutions Ceiling baffle is incredibly easy to install and will mould itself around ducting and services, eliminating gaps and holes as potential sound paths
 Polysorb is ideal for applications over ceilings, partition walls, other wall assemblies and Curtain wall applications. Polysorb will assist in reducing sound transmission through building assemblies and provides excellent sound absorption when used as an overlay product.
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