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About Us

Polyester Solutions is a family run company dedicated to manufacturing and product development in polyester Insulation products. With over 50 years of combined experience our friendly staff will be able to assist in any questions regarding building systems, noise control and thermal values.

Environmental Factors


Polyester Solutions policy is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all the activities of Polyester Solutions. We are committed to sustainability and reduced energy use. Our products are made using 100% polyester fibres with a high recycled content. There is no usage of chemical binders or adhesives with their associated environmental issues

Sound Control


Unnecessary amounts of noise in any environment can also be a major factor in causing discomfort and stress. Polyester Solutions acoustic insulation will significantly reduce sound reflection and reverberation. In cases where control of sound is essential, for example offices, apartments, hotels, theatres and recording studios, using safe Polyester Solutions insulation will ensure superb sound control. 

Social Responsibility - OH & S


We provide healthy, safe and fair working conditions for our staff, contractors and suppliers and comply with all relevant legal and other requirements of our business. We endeavour to benefit out local communities by investing in community organisations and sports teams.


Polyester Solutions is always looking to achieve understanding of economic, ecological and social impacts, thus benefiting our customers and the environment.

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