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Thermal Insulation


Polyester Solutions manufacture the highest quality, non-irritant and easy to install insulation. Our odourless, non-toxic insulation will not only keep you warm in winter and cool in summer but as an added bonus it will also provide a sound barrier to reduce noise. 
Our premium polyester insulation is non-irritant, lightweight, non-toxic, odourless and non-allergenic which allows it to be easily installed without the extra hassles of gloves, dust marks or any specialised equipment. 
Polyester Solutions PolyBatts are specially formulated lightweight products manufactured from a blend of polyester fibres.  Polyester Solutions  Thermal  Batts  and  Rolls  contain  a  high  percentage  of  recycled  polyester  fibres  that  are  thermally bonded and manufactured to comply with AS/NZ 4859.1. Polyester Solutions Polybatts and Rolls are non-toxic and user- friendly  insulation,  requiring  no  specific  protective  clothing  and  will  not  corrode  or  deteriorate  over  time.  The products are generally white in colour.
Polyester Solutions insulation can have a variety of foils adhered for extra thermal and acoustic performance. 
Foil can adhere on sheets or roll combinations using light weight or heavy weight foils.
Polyester Solutions Under floor Insulation is 100% polyester thermal insulation rolls, pre-cut to fit new and existing exposed timber joist floors. Polyester Solutions Under floor insulation is designed for the thermal insulation of existing and new timber framed buildings in accordance with Energy Efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia.
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