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Industrial / Commercial


Factories to office blocks, high rise apartments and warehouses, Polyester Solutions insulation has a large range of products to meet all your acoustic, thermal and energy efficiency needs.

Polyester Solutions commercial products have been used in theatres, studios, office partitions, ceiling applications, schools, hospitals and many more. By using Polyester Solutions products you will ensure your project is provided comfort all year round. 

Polyester Solutions Soffit and Slab Liner (PSSSL) is part of the Polyester Insulation Masonry Blankets range and have been engineered as a thermal lining for masonry soffit type slab applications. PSSSL is designed to improve the thermal and energy efficiency of the building envelope. Polyester Solutions Soffit and Slab Liner (PSSSL will also assist in the control of reverberation levels and noise spill.

Polyester Solutions CIP Insulation is a range of 100% polyester acoustic insulation products designed for reducing and controlling reverberated noise in building interiors. CIP is ideally suited for use as an absorber behind acoustic panels and ceiling systems. CIP is available in a range of densities and performance options. CIP is supplied as lofted white or black insulation panels /sheets measuring 2400mm x 1200mm (other sizes available on application).

Polyester Solutions DW external duct insulation is a lightweight, flexible, acoustic/thermal insulation material manufactured from thermally bonded polyester with a AS4200.1 (AS/NZS 4200.1 1994.1 'Pliable building membranes and underlay’s - Material") compliant  heavy weight  foil laminate facing on one side.


Polyester Solutions DW external duct insulation is used for external wrapping of air conditioning sheet metal ductwork. It provides primarily thermal insulation for the ducting. The Polyester Solutions DW external foil facing also acts as a moisture barrier preventing condensation on cold air systems that could otherwise lead to loss of energy efficiency and component corrosion.

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