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Polyester Solutions Acoustic range is an Australian made product that provides superior acoustic insulation benefits with added thermal benefits to make your home more comfortable.

The minimisation of noise has become a significant environmental issue in an increasingly noisy world. At home or work we all enjoy our peace and quiet. Polyester Solutions Acoustic range dramatically reduces unwanted noise transfer through walls and between floors, allowing you to create the peace and quiet we all want to enjoy. 

Doctors and Psychologists agree that noise has the ability to rasie stress, disrupt your sleep and generally reduce your quality of life.

So, keep noise in its place within your home with Polyester Solutions Acoustic range of products. 

Polyester Solutions manufacture the highest quality, non-irritant and easy to install insulation. Our odourless, non-toxic insulation will not only keep you warm in winter and cool in summer but as an added bonus it will also provide a sound barrier to reduce noise. 
Our premium polyester insulation is non-irritant, lightweight, non-toxic, odourless and non-allergenic which allows it to be easily installed without the extra hassles of gloves, dust marks or any specialised equipment. 

Factories to office blocks, high rise apartments and warehouses, Polyester Solutions insulation has a large range of products to meet all your acoustic, thermal and energy efficiency needs.

Polyester Solutions commercial products have been used in theatres, studios, office partitions, ceiling applications, schools, hospitals and many more. By using Polyester Solutions products you will ensure your project is provided comfort all year round. 

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